Horseback Riding in Las Vegas

FAQs About Horseback Riding in Las Vegas has rounded-up answers to FAQs about horseback riding in Las Vegas.

My group includes many who have never been on a horse. Can we still book a tour?
Of course. Not everyone is a cowboy. The guides for all horseback riding tours in Las Vegas featured on are experienced riders who are excellent at teaching beginners how to get on a horse and ride comfortably. Every horse is tame and accustomed to riders of all skill levels. Envision yourself and your mount traversing the desert landscape and they can make it happen.

Should we bring food?
No. Meals, whether they are breakfast, lunch or dinner, are included in the price. The food is western style grub, so if you have specific requirements, such as vegetarian fare, please let us know ahead of time so arrangements can be made.

How do we get to the trail?’s vendors provide morning transportation from most major hotels in Las Vegas. You’ll be advised of your pickup time as soon as your booking is confirmed.

Can children ride?
Yes, as long as they are at least 6 years of age.

Are the trails dangerous? Will we encounter other animals?
These horseback trails have been chosen because they provide maximum enjoyment and minimum danger. The topography is generally flat or slightly rolling - no hills. You’ll likely see big horn sheep, jack rabbits and other desert wildlife, none of which poses a threat. Your boots may get a little dusty.

Call 702-851-3293 to Book a Day of Horseback Riding in Las Vegas

With a spectacular desert setting and professional guides who know the history of the Old West, horseback riding in Las Vegas is made for family get-togethers and bonding friend trips. The tours are also an ideal break from the casinos and conventions.

Lasting roughly five hours, door-to-door, the excursions are the perfect day trip, too. Call a specialist today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book your tour.