Helicopter Tours

Incredible Grand Canyon Air Tours

Grand Canyon air tours enable you and your group to see America’s best-known vacation destination in ways most tourists never experience.

As incredible as it is when viewed from the ground, the canyon’s majesty is even more awesome when seen from the perspective of an eagle in flight. VegasDaze.com vendors provide two utterly safe, ultra-comfortable ways to enjoy the canyon from the air - via ECO-Star helicopter or airplane.

Whichever method of flight you prefer, our vendor will pick you up at a convenient, pre-arranged location and have you and your group taking in the splendor of the Grand Canyon and surrounding desert within minutes of taking off.

Grand Canyon air tours booked through VegasDaze.com are the perfect way for your convention or church group to enjoy a compelling, day-long diversion.

Contact the Las Vegas area attractions experts at VegasDaze.com by calling 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 today for times, prices, and other details. We have several Grand Canyon air tours from which to choose.

Sightseeing Benefits of Our Grand Canyon Air Tours

Here are just a few of the advantages VegasDaze.com’s Grand Canyon air tours have over traveling to the canyon by car:
  • No traffic jams or lengthy drive. Flying to the Grand Canyon allows you to make the most of your vacation time. Instead of spending time on the road, you’ll be enjoying spectacular canyon sights but also views of Las Vegas and landmarks such as Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.
  • Expert guides. Your pilot is also an experienced guide, knowledgable about the Grand Canyon’s history and geology. Communicating with pilots via a two-way headset provides a personable aspect that travel books or DVDs can’t match.
  • The big picture. Standing at the rim of the canyon is awe-inspiring, but hiking deep within its walls or taking in its colors at dusk is a transcending experience. There’s no better way to discover the wonders of this geologic marvel, even if you’ve see it many times from the rim perspective.
All Grand Canyon air tours booked through VegasDaze.com offer the latest word in comfort and safety. Call one of our specialists today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to learn more about the various features of each excursion, as well as time and prices.