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Grand Canyon Chopper Tours: For A Better Perspective

Have you seen the Grand Canyon at ground level once or twice? America’s greatest natural spectacle is even more amazing from the air. Grand Canyon chopper tours, booked through VegasDaze.com, gives you an entirely different perspective.

The best way to take in the grandiosity of the canyon is from the air. Standing on the South Rim, a tourist gets a two-dimensional impression that simply doesn’t do the canyon justice.

The view from above gives a visitor a true sense of the width of the canyon, which is 18 miles in some spots, and the length, which is nearly 300 miles.

Helicopters’ ability to hover also gives visitors a more intimate look at canyon formations and colors. Grand Canyon chopper tours are field days for photography enthusiasts.

If you’ve already seen the canyon at rimside, do yourself a favor: book any of the Grand Canyon chopper tours offered through VegasDaze.com at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 and see the canyon in a whole new light.

These are our most popular outings, so if you want to book your preferred date, don’t delay.

Your Pick of Grand Canyon Chopper Tours

All Grand Canyon chopper tours feature super-modern Eco-Star helicopters that are built specifically for sightseeing.

The emphasis aboard each Eco-Star is on comfort, but if you want more than a sightseeing trip, some VegasDaze.com canyon excursions also include these experiences:
  • Skywalk visit. Talk about a new perspective. The Skywalk juts out 70 feet from the rim. Its glass bottom affords a view extending thousands of feet below.
  • Hiking. Several Grand Canyon chopper tours land below the rim and allow for time to hike in the canyon itself.
  • The canyon at dusk. As the sun sets, the canyon is transformed by the changing light. These flights are the definition of romance.
  • Rafting. For the hearty types, a rafting trip down the Colorado River makes your tour even more memorable.
Call VegasDaze.com today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book an unforgettable Grand Canyon chopper tour for you and your group.