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A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour From Las Vegas vs. 1869

Compare a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas, booked through VegasDaze.com, to the 1869 initial exploration of the canyon by explorer John Wesley Powell:
  • Powell’s contingent of 10 men carried guns, traps, tools, thermometers, and food. All your party will need for your journey is a jacket, camera and sense of adventure.
  • The Grand Canyon was little-known to Americans in 1869. Your helicopter pilot is an expert in the history of the canyon and its captivating geological formations.
  • A Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas is a great day trip, lasting several hours from the time you leave your hotel until return. Powell’s group, by contrast, spent more than three hot months within the canyon’s walls.
  • Powell and his men traveled down the Colorado River in four wooden boats, which they often had to carry on their backs when the rapids became too violent. VegasDaze.com customers see the spectacular canyon from the comfort of a sleek ECO-Star helicopter equipped with theater-type seats, wraparound windows and a crisp and clear modern sound system.
  • The 1869 excursion was plagued by multiple disasters. After just two weeks one boat and one-third of the provisions had been lost. VegasDaze.com’s vendor, on the other hand, makes hundreds of safe, successful trips to the canyon each year that passengers remember fondly for their lifetimes.

A VegasDaze.com Tour - Fun in Any Era

By any standard, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas is a terrific way to see America’s favorite vacation destination. VegasDaze.com has several flights from which to choose, including several that actually land below the canyon’s rim.

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