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Grand Canyon helicopter reviews, like online recommendations for restaurants and vacuum cleaners, are powerful endorsements by people who have experienced the canyon from the air.

At, we receive lots of feedback from happy customers who have booked excursions to the canyon through us. Most are first-timers, but many have taken our tours several times and still describe the experience as remarkable.

The Grand Canyon helicopter tour reviews on our website include this observation from Eugene of Texas: “We thoroughly enjoyed the flight. It was the highlight of the Grand Canyon experience for us...thank you for a great time.”

Eugene was referring to the South Rim Express, a flight-only view of the canyon lasting about a half-hour, which takes off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

About the West Rim Landing tour, Rick from Las Vegas says: “A great day tour to the Grand Canyon for a local family. No driving needed and had the best price.”

Helicopter excursions are family-friendly. No long drives from Las Vegas with children in the car, and the scenery is guaranteed to have the kids put down their cellphones for a few hours.

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More Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Reviews

Many of our Grand Canyon helicopter tour reviews are from foreign visitors.

Dawn from England says about the Western Escape: “Grand Canyon did not disappoint. Tony said he does not know how he will beat this when it is my 50th birthday.”

Geoff from Surrey, England, remarks on how excursions such as the Sunset Deluxe offer an alternative to the casinos: “A real highlight of our whole trip and a wonderful contrast to Vegas!”

Palmer of England, referring to the Canyon Air Express tour, repeats a familiar sentiment: “We will be back soon and do it all again.”

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