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Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter Tours

It's nice to get away for a day during your visit to view some of the natural attractions in and around the city. One of the best ways to do that is to take one of the helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon we feature.

Located just a little over 270 miles from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the attractions that can't be fully captured in photographs. Our Grand Canyon National Park helicopter tours let you experience the grandeur and majesty of the canyon first hand. We offer a variety of tours, because we understand that there's no one, cookie-cutter way to see the Grand Canyon.

Our Grand Canyon National Park helicopter tours

  • Grand Canyon Air Express - This four-hour aerial tour takes you over 11 miles of the canyon as well as Hoover Dam and Black Canyon before returning to Las Vegas.

  • Rim Dancer - This 45-50-minute tour departs from Grand Canyon National Park Airport and takes you over the north and south rims of the canyon, Dragon Corridor, Kaibab National Forest and Marble Canyon.

  • VIP Skywalk Tour - This full-day helicopter tour takes you from Las Vegas to the west rim of the Canyon, home to the spectacular Skywalk, a glass-bottom, horseshoe-shaped walkway that's cantilevered out over the canyon.

  • Sunset Deluxe - The Grand Canyon isn't just beautiful during the daytime; it's breathtaking at dusk, too. Our Sunset Deluxe tour gives you the opportunity to watch the sun set over the Canyon. It's a once in a lifetime experience. We'll even include a champagne toast and some snacks.

  • The West Rim Landing - This 4.5-hour Grand Canyon tour departs Las Vegas and gives you a chance to explore the west rim of the canyon. Included on the trip is a champagne toast, snacks and an aerial view of Hoover Dam on the way back to Vegas.
To learn more about our Grand Canyon National Park helicopter tours and how you can add one to your next trip to Las Vegas, book online or call us at 702 851-3293.