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A Spectacular Helicopter Ride in the Grand Canyon South Rim

Appreciate in an intimate, personal way the majesty of a world-famous geological wonder with a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

As you take in the colors and formations of the canyon from the air for the first time, you’ll understand why helicopter tours of the canyon, booked through VegasDaze.com, have become a must-see for Las Vegas visitors of all ages.

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, the vantage point enjoyed by most tourists, on a motor coach excursion or on foot.

Now experience it in a luxurious, state-of-the-art ECO-Star, the gold standard in sightseeing helicopters. Boasting an outstanding safety record and operated by experienced, personable pilots, the helicopters offer 360-degree views and movie-theater type seating.

Booking a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon’s South Rim through VegasDaze.com is your assurance that you and your group will be provided first-class treatment and an unforgettable flight, from take-off to landing. Your pilot, who doubles as a tour guide, knows the spots that will have everyone reaching for their cameras.

Call VegasDaze.com toll-free in the U.S. at 1-855-895-3293 or in Las Vegas at 1-702-851-3293 to reserve your helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon South Rim. Our expert staff can answer your questions to be certain you select the best excursion for you and your family, friends, colleagues or co-workers.

Call 1-855-895-3293 to Book Your Helicopter Ride in the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Customers of VegasDaze.com have two great choices for touring the scenic South Rim by helicopter:
  • Rim Dancer Tour. This 50-minute tour features sweeping views of both the south and north rims, including Point Imperial, where the Colorado River spills into the Grand Canyon from the walls of Marble Canyon.
  • South Rim Express. This 30-minute tour takes you above South Rim attractions such as the Tower of Ra, Dragon Corridor, Vishnu Schist and Kaibab National Forest.
Because reservations fill quickly during popular vacation months and on weekends, contact VegasDaze.com today at 1-855-895-3293 or fill out our online reservation form to make sure you get the helicopter trip of your preference.

Each helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon’s South Rim departs from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, about an hour's drive from Williams, AZ, a little more than an hour from Flagstaff, and about 20 minutes south of Grand Canyon Village.