Helicopter Tours

Book a Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon for Your Group

Convenience, safety and fun are three reasons that a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is the single most popular group excursion out of Las Vegas.

VegasDaze.com offers several great options if you are considering booking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Depending on what your group prefers, our vendor offers flights that include:
  • A visit to the Skywalk. This man-made cantilever structure juts from the edge of the canyon’s west rim, nearly 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. A view of the canyon’s floor nearly 4,000 feet below through the Skywalk’s glass deck is one you’ll always remember.
  • Landing in the canyon itself. A view from the rim simply doesn’t compare to actually landing in the Grand Canyon. Once you’ve landed, enjoy a snack and interface with nature by hiking and exploring for a few hours.
  • Rafting down the Colorado River. Imagine seeing the canyon walls from the perspective of a raft floating down the river. It’s an excursion that begs for lots of picture-taking.
  • Views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Las Vegas, too. Virtually every Grand Canyon day trip leaving Las Vegas includes views of the dam, lake, and the city. Flights that capture the glittering Strip and Vegas downtown as the sun sets also have become a favorite of VegasDaze.com customers.

What Makes a VegasDaze.com Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon So Special?

Looking for a quick getaway that everyone in your group can enjoy?

Each helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon offered through VegasDaze.com features super-safe ECO-Star helicopters flown by personable pilots who are experts at making first-time passengers feel comfortable and secure.

A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is also a great group activity because it’s a wholesome and educational lesson on America’s geological wonder.

Each trip begins at a conveniently located departure point and ends within the day. A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon can take just half a day or nearly 10 hours - it’s your choice.

Call a VegasDaze.com attractions specialist today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 and let us find the excursion that works best for you.