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How Convenient -A Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon

A helicopter ride to Grand Canyon sights such as Dragon Corridor, Guano Point, and the Tower of Ra is so enjoyable and convenient, you may never want to drive to the canyon again.

Ask any of our guests who have booked a VegasDaze.com helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and they’ll tell you: The best way to experience this geological wonder is from the air.

Our tours take you from the Las Vegas Strip to the canyon in about 30 minutes and cover more than 140 miles of territory. The all-encompassing aerial view of the Grand Canyon while aboard the luxurious ECO-Star helicopter allows you to see more in a just a few minutes than visitors on the ground see in hours.

Speaking of sightseeing, the ECO-Star is roomy, comfortable, and designed for touring. Every guest has a great seat, so you need not worry about climbing over each other to grab that last photo at sunset.

A helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon is also an ideal way to introduce some education into the family vacation. Your pilot/guide knows every inch of the canyon and its history while providing live running narration during the flight. Got a question? Headsets enable you to speak directly to the pilot at all times.

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Each Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon Is Different

Each type of helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon differs in some way. You may choose an excursion that includes an extra adventure such as rafting down the Colorado River or a visit to the breath-taking Skywalk on the West Rim.

Honeymooners favor the Sunset Dream excursion, which includes fascinating views of the canyon at dusk and a landing 3500 feet below the rim. It’s intimate and awe-inspiring at the same time.

A VegasDaze.com helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon may also include additional sightseeing landmarks such as the Las Vegas Strip, the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

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