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Helicopter Rides in Las Vegas are a Neon Showcase

The sheer abundance of neon signage amazes first-time passengers of helicopter rides in Las Vegas.

All along the Strip and into downtown, neon signs illuminate all kinds of Vegas businesses, making a glittering statement in the black desert night. The brilliant lights are a visual treat when viewed at ground level, but absolutely spectacular when seen from the air.

Neon lighting has defined Las Vegas from its earliest days as a gambling venue. Neon signage is so closely associated with Vegas that a museum celebrating the city’s neon heritage is a huge tourist draw.

Equally popular is the downtown “boneyard” of vintage and restored Vegas signs that once adorned casinos such as Sassy Sally’s, the El Cortez, and Joe’s Longhorn.

Helicopter rides in Las Vegas, booked through VegasDaze.com, are the ideal way to see the city in all its blinking neon glory. Our specialists have experienced every flight over the city that we offer - ask them which tour they recommend for your group.

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More About Las Vegas’ Neon History

You may want to learn more about neon after taking a helicopter ride in Las Vegas. A few fun facts:
  • Neon signage is made up of a gas discharge tube that contains neon or other gases. When the gases are charged with electricity, the tube glows.
  • In the past, neon sign manufacturers leased their products to Vegas casino owners, who had no interest in owning and maintaining them.
  • Although not the first to use neon in our city, the Boulder Club’s stein of flowing beer was the most notable neon sign in the city when it was erected in the 1930s.
  • World famous Vegas Vic, the waving, talking neon cowboy that served as the unofficial welcome-to-Vegas sign for decades, still stands outside the Pioneer Club today. Today, the club is a souvenir shop within the Fremont Street Experience.
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