Helicopter vs. Bus

Helicopter Tour vs Bus Tour

Visiting Las Vegas puts a wealth of worthy tourist stops right at your fingertips. Vegas is a city fully stocked with every imaginable variety of entertainment along with a long litany of sites of historical interest. However, one of the most memorable events to partake of while in Las Vegas is touring the Grand Canyon over 250 miles away.

Don't want to rent a car or drive on your own? Two choices are a bus tour or an air tour. Let's compare the benefits of these two touring options.

Helicopter Tour Pros and Cons
  • Great for a fast trip there and back, only taking about an hour each way
  • Unique, panoramic views of the canyon's beautiful colors, rock formations, and gaping expansiveness
  • Plenty of cabin space in an ECO-Star EC 130
  • A more personal, small-group feel
  • More constricted time limitations
  • A price tag ranging from $250 to $1,000
Bus Tour Pros and Cons
  • An up close and personal experience, inclusive of sound, touch, smell, and sight, lasting at least several hours
  • Off-road excursions, concession stands, and souvenir shops available, depending on the exact tour route
  • Three hours driving there and back to Grand Canyon West and five hours if you go to Grand Canyon National Park
  • A more crowded, large-group experience
  • Exposure to the hot, desert climate while off-bus and road closures in some areas of Grand Canyon during winter and the rainy season that make bus touring impossible
  • A cost of only about $100 to $200
Whichever way you choose to visit the Grand Canyon, you won't be disappointed. VegasDaze.com offers both helicopter tours and bus tours of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas so either choice is available to you. Book online or call 702-851-3293 or 855-895-3293 today!