Helicopter Tours

Picture This: A Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

Imagine yourself as a VegasDaze.com customer who has booked a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Picture being picked up by a comfy, complimentary shuttle from your Strip hotel and conveniently being taken to your takeoff point.

Then envision the sights below once your ECO-Star helicopter is airborne. Before your helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon arrives at its destination, you’ll see the panorama of the Las Vegas Valley, including the city and surrounding areas.

Then it’s on to Hoover Dam and its mammoth reservoir, Lake Mead.

The splendor of the canyon lies just ahead. More than 17 million years ago, the Colorado River began carving the canyon into the earth’s crust. Few humans have been as lucky to experience this natural wonder in this way as you.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

A few of the sights you will view from the air, depending on which helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon you have booked with VegasDaze.com:
  • The Colorado River. The river’s never-ending flow, plus continental drift and other forces of nature, created the canyon over millions of years.

  • The Skywalk. A glass-bottomed bridge jutting from the West Rim and suspended thousands of feet above the canyon floor, the Skywalk is a popular thrill for visitors. VegasDaze.com’s VIP Skywalk Tour lands nearby, enabling you to experience the Skywalk for yourself.

  • Valley of Fire. Located in a nearby Nevada state park, the valley gets its name from the red sandstone formations that become even more spectacular as the sun sets.

  • Stunning geological formations. Your helicopter pilot acts as a guide, finding incredible sights such as the Tower of Ra, Dragon Corridor and Vishnu Schist. Vegas Daze clients who previously have only seen the canyon from the ground tell us our tours are like seeing the canyon’s weathered walls for the first time.
VegasDaze.com has a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for you, whether you want to hike, raft, or simply enjoy a day in the air. Call one of our attractions specialists today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book an excursion or book online.