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Spectacular Hoover Dam Helicopter Tours

If you’re considering booking one of VegasDaze.com’s Hoover Dam helicopter tours, prepare to be impressed.

Viewing the dam up close is a great way to learn how this engineering wonder was constructed and operates. But there is only one way to really appreciate the size and grandeur of what is probably America’s greatest civic project - from the air.

Hoover Dam helicopter tours offered through VegasDaze.com enable you and your group to see the dam in its entirety, spanning Black Canyon and impounding the Colorado River to create mammoth Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States.

The eagle’s eye view provided by our Hoover Dam helicopter tours also gives tourists a view of the incredible desert geology that surrounds the dam and that posed many obstacles during construction more than 75 years ago. It’s a spectacle that has to be seen in person - no TV show or DVD can do it justice.

You’ll also take in the new Hoover Dam bypass highway, recently completed to improve safety and to divert traffic that formerly traveled on top of the dam.

To book any one of several Hoover Dam helicopter tours, visit our helicopter tours page or call a VegasDaze.com agent today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293.

What Our Hoover Dam Helicopter Tours Include

All Hoover Dam Helicopter Tours offered by VegasDaze.com include these features:

Luxurious sightseeing helicopters. The quiet-operating ECO-Star is built for safety, and comfort. Theater-type seating and wraparound windows allows every passenger to have a great view of the panorama.

Complimentary shuttle pick up. If you are staying at a hotel on the Vegas Strip, we’ll come get you.

The best pilots anywhere. All Hoover Dam helicopter tours are operated by experienced pilots who double as guides, providing live narration and answering questions during the flight. Their knowledge of the dam and their helicopters will amaze you.

The itineraries of several Hoover Dam helicopter tours offered by VegasDaze.com also include flyovers of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Call one of our agents today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book the flight that best suits you and your group.