Things To Do in Las Vegas

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Finding things to do in Las Vegas is easy. But choosing from the long list of things to do in the World’s Entertainment Capital can be tough.

After all, your time in Vegas is limited. You want to select activities that offer good value and are highly enjoyable. You may prefer attractions that offer a first-time experience. is here to make certain you pick the best of Las Vegas activities.

Our specialists take the time to explore everything there is to do here. We ride horseback, skydive indoors, race Lamborghinis through the desert, shoot down mountainsides on a zip line, and eat our way through great Strip restaurants.

We know what we’re talking about when you contact us for info on things to do in Las Vegas.

Some recommendations for specific groups:
  • Wedding party. There’s romance in the air with our always-popular helicopter rides. Book a flight over Vegas or the Grand Canyon at dusk and prepare to be mesmerized.

  • Girls night out. The Walking Gourmet is a tasty way to discover why Las Vegas has become a destination for gastronomes.

  • Just the guys. Check out one of our wild shooting packages at a state-of-the-art indoor range on the Strip.

  • Bustin’ out - Vegas tandem sky diving is the cure for convention-itis. Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon offers thrills for those who prefer to remain a bit closer to the ground.

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International visitors to Las Vegas commonly ask specialists for the price of an attraction in foreign currency.

But you don’t have to ask us. Our currency converter on each web page is quick and easy to use.

Find the navigation button labeled “Tools” at the bottom of the page. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see the converter in the window that appears. Convert the dollar price to any one of dozens of foreign denominations. wants you to have an awesome time. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a knowledgeable veteran of our city, we can help you find things to do in Las Vegas that fit your taste and pocketbook.

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