Vegas Food Tour

Drink, Eat, Have Fun On a Vegas Food Tour

You don’t have to be a gastronome to enjoy our incredible Vegas food tour.

Fine dining has become as much a part of visiting Las Vegas as gambling and the shows. The city is home to all types of cuisines, talented chefs and terrific restaurants that draw foodies as well as folks who just love to eat.

The Walking Gourmet, the Vegas food tour offered by the attractions specialists at, is a delicious sampling of the city’s culinary fare. There are two versions of the tour, one starting at Mandalay Bay, the other at the Palazzo.

Over the course of four or five stops, you’ll be treated to a variety of cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts created by some of the city’s most prominent mixologists and gourmet chefs.

As its name indicates, the Walking Gourmet tour doesn’t include sitting down to a full meal. But we promise you’ll be more than satisfied by the time this tasting of 3-plus hours is over.

This tour is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, visit fine restaurants and have fun. If you abstain from drinking alcohol or have dietary restrictions, don’t worry! Inform your guide of your preferences at the start of the tour and you’ll be accommodated.

Book a Vegas food tour with today and discover why the city has become a destination of foodies from all over the world. Call one of our attractions specialists at 1-855-895-3293.