Now is the Time to Try a Zipwire in Las Vegas

In a city known for adrenaline rushes, it’s tough to beat riding a zipwire in Las Vegas.

You’ve seen zipwires, those inclined cables on hillsides and mountains that are also known as ziplines. It seems the public can’t get enough of them. The exhilarating thrilling rides are an utterly safe way to have the time of your life.

Now an attractions guru at can put you in the harness of a zipwire in Las Vegas. Book online or call us today at 1-855-895-3293 to book your zipwire ride, then imagine the anticipation as your van slowly climbs picturesque Red Mountain, home to 40,000 bighorn sheep and spectacular views of Bootleg Canyon.

At the summit, the experienced guide who earlier demonstrated how to safely ride the zipwire straps you into the harness. After some last-minute insight on making your ride even more thrilling, you’re off!

Shooting down the mountainside at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour, you realize why ziplining has exploded in popularity all over the globe. This is pure fun, with a Las Vegas twist provided by

Vegas casinos and shows are wonderful, but you are looking for an amusement alternative that is affordable and can be experienced in just a few hours, call us today to learn more about riding a zipwire in Las Vegas.

FAQs About Riding a Zipwire in Las Vegas

Common questions we hear about Las Vegas ziplining:
  • How safe is it?
    Very. Our vendor is an experienced operator who keeps the Las Vegas zipwire in top condition. A 15-minute course on safety and how to ride is included in the package.
  • May I ride more than once?
    Each package consists of four rides on different lines that make their way down Red Mountain.
  • Are there size restrictions?
    Riders must weigh between 75 pounds and 250 pounds. Those under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Do I have to be athletic?
    The attraction is not like skiing or snowboarding. Riders simply sit back in their harness and enjoy the incredible scenery shooting by.
Find out firsthand what all the ziplining chatter is about. Call today at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book an exciting Las Vegas zipwire package for you and your group.