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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from South Rim

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$280.00 per person

($255.00 retail + $10.00 fees + $15.00 fuel surcharge)


Transportation Type: Helicopter

Tour Length: Approx. 45-50 minutes

Highlights: Grand Canyon, South Rim, North Rim, Kaibab National Forest, Dragon Corridor, Tower of Ra, Marble Canyon, Point Imperial, Vishnu Schist

Departure Points: Grand Canyon National Park Airport (PLEASE NOTE: this tour does not depart from Las Vegas)

Departure Times: Variable

Enjoy a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from South Rim and begin your adventures in the sky. As you soar above the plethora of towering Ponderosa Pines that characterize the Kaibab National Forest, you’ll witness the North Rim rise into view as the South Rim slowly fades away.

A flight aboard an ECO-Star helicopter creates an up-close and personal experience with Grand Canyon nature. Skilled tour guides allow you to hover near famous canyon points and provide you with a sneak peek of areas only the locals can show you:

  • Experience the Desert View Watchtower, a replica of an ancient Native American tower and the colorful sediments of Painted Desert standoff in the distance for your viewing pleasure
  • See Point Imperial, the northernmost point of the Grand Canyon where water from the mighty Colorado River spills from the walls of Marble Canyon
  • Hover over the deepest portion of the Grand Canyon and experience wildlife valleys and ravines
  • Travel back in time during your visit to the Tower of Ra, named after the Egyptian sun god
  • Head south through Dragon Corridor and take in the sights with a bird’s-eye view of the widest and deepest part of the canyon.Then continue your flight back to Grand Canyon National Park Airport at the South Rim
You’ll be talking about your Grand Canyon helicopter experience for years to come after you fly this amazing sightseeing tour. This South Rim Grand Canyon tour is the only helicopter experience that provides safety, comfort, and thrills for an affordable price.

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What makes a South Rim Grand Canyon tour different from the rest? In addition to traveling through the key sights, our tour gives you the insider feel of the Grand Canyon. Our selected tour operators and certified pilots provide guests with additional background, history, local legends, and stories about Grand Canyon areas. You’ll glean exciting insights about the Grand Canyon evolution, history, and background during our tours.

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