Machine Guns Vegas

Fire a variety of guns at Vegas' best indoor shooting range.

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$190.00 per person

Varies with option chosen. All options include fees.


Transportation Type: Shuttle

Tour Length: Experiences will vary with each shooter and package purchased

Departure Points: Transportation is provided to and from major hotel/casinos within a 5-mile radius of the Strip with each reservation. Customer must call for pick up 1.800.757.4668

Departure Times: Varies with option/day chosen

Located less than 10 minutes from the Strip, Machine Guns Vegas’ 10,000-square-foot, state-of-art facility features a luxurious lounge, an indoor shooting range with two private firing lanes, large plasma TVs and complimentary refreshments. Their outdoor range is located less than 30 minutes from the Strip and gives you a chance to experience shooting in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

There is an array of firearms to choose from, such as pistols, fully automatic machine guns, historical guns and even some one-of-a-kind SEAL weapons. Machine Guns Vegas has something for every customer's interest.

They can personalize your shooting package to your desires. Their indoor and outdoor range are manned with knowledgeable staff and professional instructors who will guide you through the exhilarating experience. Why shoot one gun when you can experience a variety of them?

Machine Guns Vegas is also one of the few ranges to offer ultra-realistic "Live Fire Simulations," if you choose, during which you'll fire live rounds from a variety of weapons in simulations that range from "special ops mission" to "zombie apocalypse." Experience our Vegas. Book today.


Gamer’s Package: $190.00
Includes: M4 (25 rounds), MP5 (25 rounds), AK47 (25 rounds), Glock 17 (10 rounds) and targets.

SAS: $190.00
Includes: Glock 17 (10 rounds), MP5 (50 rounds), Sniper .223 (5 rounds), Full-auto SCAR (10 rounds) and targets.

The Outdoor Package: $199.00
Includes: Glock 17 (10 rounds), M4 (25 rounds), MP5 (25 rounds) and 2 cans of Tannerite exploding targets.

Seal Team 6: $220.00
Includes: Sig P226 (10 rounds), M4 (25 rounds), M249 SAW (40 rounds), Tactical Shotgun (5 rounds) and targets.

  • If under the age of 18, shooters must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Gun restrictions may apply depending on the height and weight of the child.

Local Operator Information: Complete operator information, including local telephone number, will be included in your confirmation email.