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What is the world's No.1 must-see destination? That's easy. The Grand Canyon.

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Do you want to go where all the iconic photos of the Grand Canyon have been shot? Then take an airplane tour where you are directly placed in the middle of the most popular destinations in the world.

The majority of the Grand Canyon annual visitors head to the South Rim, which is located farthest from Las Vegas. This is where you'll find the best water views because it is positioned close to the Colorado River.

If the Skywalk is on your radar the West Rim is situated nearest to Las Vegas. Operated by the Hualapai Tribe, it's home to the Skywalk, a glass bridge suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River right on the edge of the rim.

Depending on your choice, a plane flight can transport you to the Grand Canyon in 40 to 45 minutes. Not only are there amazing photo opportunities when you land, but you’ll also be able to spend several hours exploring trails.

South Rim Explorer

Grand Canyon Plane Tour

Discover Mother Nature’s magnificence during a South Rim Explorer tour. Board an executive-style Beechcraft 1900D for your 45-minute flight to the Grand Canyon South Rim.

$304.00 per person

Navigator Plus Helicopter Combo

Experience true Southwestern culture during this Grand Canyon air tour.

Get an authentic taste of the Southwest during scenic Grand Canyon air tours from

$459.00 per person

The Navigator

Air Tour of the Grand Canyon - See the Grand Canyon at its best!

Air tours of the Grand Canyon don’t get better than a journey with a qualified partner. Experience the captivating scenery of the Grand Canyon and the mighty Colorado River from various vistas and overlooks at Grand Canyon West. See hidden landmarks typically unseen on foot as you dive deeper into this natural crevasse.

$254.00 per person

The Dreamer

A Spectacular Aerial Experience Awaits You - Grand Canyon Air Tour

Soar above breathtaking cliffs during an air tour of the Grand Canyon. This ultimate excursion allows you to explore the stunning Grand Canyon by airplane, helicopter and foot.

$493.00 per person