Elvis started it and now all the biggest stars perform in Vegas.

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It used to be that seeing a show was an essential part of the Vegas experience. Back in those days, a show was pretty simple: A bunch of scantily (and we mean scantily) clad showgirls paraded around while a comedian engaged in some raunchy patter. The showgirls are still here and still scantily clad, but it's the big stars that are the host of the town now.

Amazing artists like Céline Dion now adorn the mega marquees at all the top Las Vegas hotels and resorts. Bringing their talents to millions of people every week.

Some performers have limited time engagements, so don't hesitate to get your tickets for one of the best Vegas shows before your trip.

Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment Video

Experience his cast of thousands

Experience a night with Terry and his fun-loving crew of puppets as they take the stage with singing impersonations of Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin and many more celebrities--plus some original characters.

$49.00 per person

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller - Pure Comedy Perfection!

Penn & Teller two of the biggest names in comedy are outrageously funny, sophisticated, and above all- unconventional. The duo mixes comedy with choreographed magic tricks in a way that stimulates the audience. Pure comedy perfection!

$62.00 per person